Roads & Highways Construction

Roads & Highways Construction

We patronise cementitious stabilization method for road construction projects. By using latest equipments combined with highly experienced and mastered engineering skills we solve the complex of the complex situations. Stabilization method enable us to exercise more control on the quality of the pavements and time duration for the completion of the project.

Soil Stabilized

  • Also called as semi rigid pavement design
  • Has merits of both pavement designs (a) flexible (b) Rigid
  • Uses the onsite available material
  • Highly economical, eco friendly, time saving, long-lasting


  • Bituminous or black top road
  • The most common design for constructing roads in India
  • Although has a less life cycle in comparison to rigid pavement but provides a better riding quality


  • The second most common design followed in roads in India after flexible pavement design
  • Highly durable
  • Highly expensive
  • Highly time consuming
  • Riding quality is inferior to flexible pavement


Particulars Soil stabilized pavements Flexible pavement Cement concrete or rigid pavements
Savings in aggregate material
Longer Life
High Load bearing capacity
Low Maintenance
Less Construction time
Less Cost
Less Wastage
Less sourcing of material
No Leaching effect
Applicability to various terrain
Weather/climate durability
Recycling of the pavement